Finding the Right Leadership Coach


Finding the right leadership coach can be a difficult task. But, with some guidelines, the search time can be reduced, and the return multiplied. In this article I’ll give you some things to consider and examples of how I’ve used these things in my leadership development. leadership coach

The first, and foundational question is “why am I seeking a coach?” This may seem simplistic, but it’s an important question. In my article 21st Century Leadership: Coaching and Leading are Indivisible, I make the point that the view of a coach held by many is that of a sports coach. However, the service provided by most sports coaches is not actually coaching, it’s teaching and mentoring. This should come as no surprise since most of us met our first coach in school and that coach was in fact a professional educator! As both a coach and professional educator myself, I am always careful to make it clear when I am teaching and when I am coaching. As someone seeking a coach, you should also be clear if you are looking for mentoring and teaching (getting guidance from someone else) or coaching (discovering the guidance you already possess).

I recently inquired about coaching from a writer who has ghost written many bestselling leadership books. Since he was advertising that he was now coaching, I was excited to find out more. However, when I spoke to his assistant, she informed me that I would have to pitch my book idea as if I were seeking a publisher, detail the book contents and focus, and discuss my publishing and marketing strategy. From this list of requirements, it was clear that this successful author was actually teaching and mentoring, not coaching. Anyone who evaluates your approach and gives you an opinion or direction is mentoring or teaching, not coaching. A well-trained coach won’t tell you what they think; they will ask you what you think.

Second, if you are not sure if you want coaching or mentoring, choose both! A coach is beneficial when you don’t know what to do. A teacher is beneficial when you don’t know how to do it. Frequently folks think they need a teacher when they only need a coach. As a leadership coach I’ve talked to several folks who thought they needed leadership education when they actually just needed some coaching to uncover what they already knew.

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