How to Speed Up Your Old Android Smartphone?


Do you wait for your old Android smartphone to respond to your commands ? This must have become troublesome for you. Smartphones have become a part of daily life precisely because these reduce the human efforts. Your old Android smartphones might decisively lack in this. It may not be responding and accepting your commands. And now you must be feeling that it is nothing less than a useless box. Need not to worry! There is still something that you can do to your old Android smartphone. With some precautions and maintenance, you can make your old smartphone compatible. realme 5 pro

Here is a short guide, which can help you keep your old smartphone upbeat . Following these manual steps will speed up your Android smartphone again. Here it goes:

Clear App Cache: You must have installed/un-installed multiple applications or games on your Android device. This saves cache data on your phone. The cache data or junk files simultaneously increase the loading time of several applications and it also eats up precious system resources. By clearing this cache data or junk files, you can retrieve chunks of storage space and reduce the loading time of applications.

Disable Bloatware and Unwanted Applications: Having a lot of storage space in your phone is totally fine. But keeping avoidable apps is harmful your smartphone’s life. Bloatware refers to the pre-installed apps that are not in use, most of the time. For obvious reason you don’t use all your downloaded applications regularly. Therefore, there is no point keeping these unnecessary applications. Unused apps work as resource-hogs and consume precious storage space and RAM. Remove the bloatware. Also, disable the apps which, you are not using for the time being. You can anytime enable these apps and use it.

Keep Updating the Phone’s Software: Having an old Android device, doesn’t really mean to have an older version of the software. Software updates are not always about new features. These updates also come up with lots of minor bug fixes, which genuinely enhance your device’s performance. Keep updating the required software or applications, as it will make your smartphone more responsive.

Discard Live Widgets and Wallpapers: Live wallpapers and widgets, yeah!! It looks so cool, but they eat up your system’s resources and slow down your Android smartphone to the core. Try to limit the widgets on your screen and say no to live wallpapers; as they directly affect the performance and battery life of your Android device.

Use High-Speed Memory-Card: To make your old Android smartphone work smarter, you must insert a high-speed memory card. The high access speed of your memory card gradually enhances the read-write speed on your smartphone. Memory cards are available in several genres such as Class 10, Class 6 and Class 4. Class 10 and Class 6 are the highly preferred memory card classes. These boost the device’s entire performance.

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