Is a Membrane Nitrogen Generator Right For You?


Nitrogen gas generators come in various types in order to accommodate individual business’ needs. If your business could benefit from producing nitrogen on-site, it is strongly recommended to start looking into nitrogen generators as they are extremely efficient and reasonable. One type of generator in particular that may benefit your business is the Membrane Nitrogen Generator.

Membrane technology generators are a great addition to any business as they produce a continuous supply of on-site gaseous nitrogen. These compact systems are ideally suited for low-flow applications that use high-pressure gas cylinders or dewars of nitrogen. With Membrane Nitrogen Generators, the annoyance of gas cylinders and liquid dewars is eliminated. Nitrogen is generated on-site in a continuous and reliable manner that requires only a supply of compressed air. Australia’s Leaders in Nitrogen Generators 

Applications that are best suited for Membrane Nitrogen Generators are: Food packaging, Chemical Blanketing, Modified Atmospheric Packaging, Coffee Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, LCMS and Plasma Cutting Systems.

Specific features of membrane nitrogen gas generators are that the capital cost is low relative to the purity that the unit will produce. If your business requires purity of 99.5% or lower then membrane generators are the right solution for you. Your membrane nitrogen generator will be ready to be put to task and operating at its optimal level from a cold start in less than 30 seconds. Operating pressures for these units have a maximum delivery of 325 psig without post compression and are better suited for higher temperatures. Highest temperature is between 70 deg. F and 120 deg. F.

Membrane technology generators can function consistently for a good 10 to 15 years as long as proper maintenance of the units are sustained and maintenance is quite simple. Maintenance on the filters every 6 mos. – 1 year and the O2 sensor yearly is really all that is required. There will be no moving parts with your membrane generator.

If additional nitrogen demand appears in the future, one of the great things about membrane generators is that with their modular design in most cases the supply of gas can be simply and cost effectively expanded by adding membrane modules to an existing system. Membrane generators will be shipped directly to your location pre-tested and ready for installation and no electricity is required on certain models – extremely beneficial for explosion proof applications.

A Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is required for nitrogen and a small amount of training of the unit may be required. Employees are safe in areas around the units as these units operate at very low noise levels.



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